Drusies and agates

Drusies, Druzies, Druse...

Druse is a geological term for small crystals coating a rock surface that have formed over millions of years... the crystals can be small and velvety or large and sugary, but we prefer the most sparkly and snowy. It is actually so sparkly, we like to think of it as Christmas in a stone. It can occur on a variety of minerals, but what we have here is an Agate from Indonesia that we cut ourselves. We can make any size from 1cm to 10cms and many shapes to order. As well as the natural white/greys, we have a limited number of natural carnelian (orange/red) too. Additionally, we dye and have them metal coated for a brilliant spectrum of colours..

Technically, it is usually formed when silica rich water enters cavities or porous areas of a rock, sometimes on top of base minerals.

Botryoidal agates

Botryoidal comes from the Greek word for grapes. We prefer to call it just 'bubbly'. it can occur on the surface of the stone, looking like boiling liquid that has been instantly captured and frozen, or under a translucent surface. As above, we cut our own material in a variety of shapes and sizes and also have these on offer either natural or metal coated.

Technically, it means tiny crystals occurring in closely interlocking spherical masses .



Natural whites and dyed drusies range from $5 to $20 per piece, depending on size. Metal coated range from $10 to $40 again depending on size. Please enquire for more precise info and about wholesale discounts if you are interested.



Some of our favourite gemstones (Moldavite, Pietersite, Larimar, Obsidian, Lodolite) are described under the "Gemstone" header. Others such as Amber, Merlin Stone, Fire Opal, Sugilite, etc...will be unearthed soon... Rock on!

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