Eagle Necklace - Leather Eagle Torque


Eagles are some of the largest and fiercest birds of prey, raptors that have evolved from dinosaurs, and are apex predators, They fly high above all others and have amazingly keen eyesight, and as such are symbols of strength, vision, grace and integrity.They are known as Thunderbirds in some native traditions, bringers of the rains of fertility and lighting flashes of incisive vision. Considered to be a mediator between the Earth and the Heavens and to connect us to celestial or spiritual energies! This monster piece is definitely not shy, and takes some attitude to wear it. Thunderbirds are go!

This Eagle necklace is with crafted from natural sting ray leather. It is also available in a variety of other leathers and colours, and optional gemstone accents. It is hand crafted from Sterling Silver and is stamped on the back with the Mercurious name and logo and 925 to guarantee authenticity. Be sure to check out other Mercurious cuffs also offered in the Eagle range.


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